Psychotherapy for expats in Aarhus.

A therapist that understand the challenges of expat life.

Living in a new country can be challenging in many aspects.

l am a psychotherapist, situated in Aarhus. I practice in English and Danish. I service clients from the East Jutland area, as well as I offer online sessions.

It can take up more ressources than we realized or imagined, when we accepted the opportunity to make career, or going into a relationship in another country.

Dealing with new and unfamiliar language, culture and social conducts, can be stressful.

So can being away from family and friends, as both your – as well as their everyday life goes by, and you can feel disconnected from close relations.

If you are in a relationship, there might be blaming, guilt or a feeling that the symmetry between you are jeopardized, and you might be drifting apart.

Even when having new colleagues, friends, career and a safe everyday life, worries and doubts might show up.

Having someone to talk to, either as a couple, as parents or as a human being can help finding strategies to cope with life as an expat.

Psykoterapi korttidsterapi.

When to seek therapy or counseling?:

Stress and emotional distress can have a number of signs, I list among others:

Emotional and cognitive symptoms

  • Loneliness
  • A feeling of losing yourself
  • Loss of initiative
  • A sense of disconnection Anger
  • Mood swings
  • Memory loss
  • Sadness
  • Feelings of shame and guilt

Physical symptoms:

  • Sleep depravation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive appetite
  • Exhaustion/ feeling lethargic
  • Aches in the body
  • Excessive use of alcohol or drugs
  • Excessive shopping
  • Impaired sex drive.
My name is Ann-Helene Maack

I have many years experience in therapy, coaching and guiding in many kinds of human and relational issues: stress, expat-related matters, existential issues, couples therapy, parenting advice, grief and loss, childhood trauma, mental issues, working with grown ups with neurodiversity on the ADHD and/or autism spectrum, and personal development in general.

My professional background is many years of counselling, therapeutic sessions, teaching, as well as mentoring and tutoring teachers for the Danish Public School. I have a degree in psychotherapy from, and I am an active member of the Danish Psychotherapist Association.

Expat experience:

I have been living abroad during my life, as well as having family living abroad, family members who are expats, and in general I have a wide experience in the expat field.

I have a cultural and social understanding from many years of traveling, and many levels of interactions professional and personal.



Ann-Helene Maack, psychotherapist (mpf):

Authorized by The Danish Association of Psychotherapists ( which also refers to the European Association og Psychotherapists and their professional standards. 

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Shame and stress in professional relations:

I I do talks and lectures on work related shame and stress, as well as theme days, counseling and supervision for leaders and employees. For further reading: press here. (in danish)

My mission is to help ensure a safer work environment through proactive dialogue, to prevent cases of work related stress and burnout.

  • People who are servicing others are prone to encounter harmfull and toxic shame, if they are projected to anger or verbal abuse when doing their service with costumers, clients or even in colleague relations. 
  • If there are a too many tasks, or there is a sense of losing control related to solving tasks at work. Or if there is a structural difficulty in solving the task according to professional standards. I might result in feeling guilty and inadequate.